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Mar 23, 2016

Published on February 9, 2016 via zap2it.com
by Larry Carroll

On the Feb. 8 episode of “The Magicians” entitled “The World in the Walls,” our hero Quentin Coldwater finds himself in a horrifying, soul-crushing reality. All this time that he thought he was a brilliant young man with a future in the mystical arts, he has actually been a disturbed mental patient with a violent past.

As he comes to realize that he has no friends, no hope, nothing left to live for, he is backed into such a corner that there is only one thing left that he can do: Sing. Specifically, sing Taylor Swift songs.

Now, a day after the instantly-classic moment lit up social media, actor Jason Ralph is reaching out to Zap2it to tell us the behind-the-scenes tale of how he came to shake it off, shake it off.

“In desperation,” the actor says of the surreal scene, “Quentin remembers that he can get into Penny’s head by filling it with what he hates the most: Taylor Swift.”

So, in a desperate experiment of extra-sensory SOS, Quentin reaches into his fellow Brakebills student’s dreams by singing a song Penny (Arjun Gupta) can’t get out of his head. For “Magicians” fans, it’s the perfect melding of two pop culture tastes that go great together; for Ralph, it’s not a song he normally belts out in the shower.

“I’m not a pop music person,” he admits. “But I don’t think anyone is safe from Taylor Swift. She’s captured the hearts of America.”

“She’s in our DNA,” he says, before adding: “I’ve got a Swiftie tattoo to prove it.”

When the power trust behind the show first explained the Tay-Tay idea, the Texas-born actor says he was behind it; later, he’d have second thoughts.

“I loved the idea, and then I got into the recording studio with the huge headphones and the two rooms with the glass between them, the no-nonsense technicians, and I got so terrified,” he says of recording the voiceover for the musical scene. “I’m not a singer. I’ve never sweated so much in my life.”

So, what’s the behind-the-scenes story? Swift doesn’t exactly give her music away to everyone, so now “Magicians” fans are starting to wonder if she’s a fan of the recently-renewed Syfy hit.

“We of course got the rights from Taylor, and I’m hoping that she’ll dig the moment enough to invite me on tour,” adds Ralph, who celebrates the scene with a tweet picturing himself in a 1989-spoofing album cover. “If not for my singing, then for my dancing.”

So, where does Quentin Coldwater go from here? Jason Ralph offers a little tease for the fans.

“I have been known to belt out a pretty unreal version of ‘Firework’,” he says with a smile. “I’m coming for you, Katy Perry.”

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