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Mar 23, 2016

Warning: Possible Spoilers in text below.

101: Unauthorized Magic
directed by: Mike Cahill Air Date: December 16, 2015

Quentin and Julia are invited to a test of their magical skills. Quentin passes and is accepted to Brakebills University. Julia fails the test and is sent back to her normal life, but she manages to resist having her memory wiped. Refusing to accept that she cannot learn magic, she is later contacted by Pete, who offers to teach her. In his dreams, Quentin meets Jane Chatwin from the “Fillory and Further” novels, who warns him about the Beast and leaves him with a sigil burned into his hand. Recognising the sigil, Alice asks for his help with a spell. They try to contact her dead brother Charlie together with Penny and Kady. However, they accidentally summon the Beast instead, who appears in the school the next day, attacking a teacher and the dean.

102: The Source of Magic
directed by: Scott Smith Air Date: January 25, 2016

Pearl investigates the incident at Brakebills and Quentin, Alice, Penny, and Kady face disciplinary action for their role in the Beast’s attack, but Eliza, who is called in as specialist, lets them go on probation. Julia meets Marina when she has to pass a test to join the Hedge Witches. Kady is secretly working for Marina.

103: Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting
directed by: Scott Smith Air Date: February 1, 2016

Alice and Quentin find out that her brother, Charlie, was consumed by magic and turned into a niffin five years previously. When they find him, he acts maliciously and they bind him. Julia struggles to balance learning magic with maintaining her previous life. Eliot searches for the book that Kady stole for Marina, which leads Quentin and him to the hedge witches, where Quentin confronts Julia. Penny, after being incorrectly assigned a psychic discipline, discovers he is a “traveller,” and could have the ability to travel between worlds.

104: The World in the Walls
directed by: James L. Conway Air Date: February 8, 2016

Quentin wakes up in the mental hospital he admitted himself to in the first episode, where his memories of Brakebills and magic are treated as delusions. It is revealed that Julia and Marina have produced the elaborate hallucination, and the only way to get him out involves summoning of a demon bug. Dean Fogg lowers the Brakebills wards to do so, allowing Marina and Julia in, where they steal Marina’s memories of her time at Brakebills before she was expelled. Quentin, with help from his visions of Jane Chatwin and Penny, is able to escape. Marina cuts Julia off after being reunited with her memories.

105: Mendings, Major and Minor
directed by: Bill Eagles Air Date: February 15, 2016

Quentin visits home after his father is diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. He struggles with accepting that magic cannot save his father, and eventually opens up to him about magic. Julia tries to find other hedge witch safe houses in New York after being cut off by Marina with the help of Pete, but nobody else has nearly as many spells. Marina erases James’ memory of Julia to prevent her telling him about magic. Alice returns to Brakebills, and Eliot and Margo try to use her connections to get a mentor. Penny practices astral projection, and discovers a woman chained in a dungeon by the Beast. Based on the crest on the doors, Quentin surmises that Penny has travelled to Fillory.

106: Impractical Applications
directed by: John Stuart Scott Air Date: February 22, 2016

The first-years must pass a set of challenges called “the trials” set by the third years. During these, Quentin and Penny reconcile, Alice and Quentin share secrets, and Kady confesses the truth about her using Penny. Quentin turns into a goose at the end of the trials. Meanwhile, in an attempt to steal spells from Marina, Julia teams up with an older hedge witch who also has connections to Marina. The older Hedge witch turns out to be Kady’s Mother and dies in the process of stealing the cabinet of spells from Marina’s safe house. Kady had been working for Marina in payment of a debt related to her mother. Kady does not yet know that her mother has died and that Marina is responsible.

107: The Mayakovsky Circumstance
directed by: Guy Norman Bee Air Date: February 29, 2016

Quentin and his peers travel to Brakebills South in Antarctica to study with Professor Mayakovsky, who puts them through several challenges. Eliot and Margo prepare to travel to Ibiza, and with the help of newly-met Todd and Mike, summon a Djinn as a gift for the organisers of the party. When Eliot starts sleeping with Mike, he chooses to stay behind and Todd goes with Margo. Julia’s sister picks Julia up from the police station following the death of Kady’s mother, and insists on helping her to avoid their mother having Julia committed. Mayakovsky engineers Alice and Quentin into a relationship, and tells Kady that her mother has died and she is no longer welcome at Brakebills.

108: The Strangled Heart
directed by: Jan Eliasberg Air Date: March 7, 2016

Eliot and Mike grow closer while Quentin and Alice spend time apart, until Mike, while attacking Quentin, stabs Penny with a cursed blade. Recognising a similar event in the Fillory and Further books, Quentin and Alice are able to save him. Mike pretends to have blacked out and remember nothing until Eliza confronts him, at which point he recognises her as Jane Chatwin, and seems to kill her, before being killed by Eliot. In rehab, Julia meets a chaplain named Richard who was trained at Brakebills and who introduces her to religious magic.

109: The Writing Room
directed by: James L. Conway Air Date: March 14, 2016

Quentin discovers that Penny stole and destroyed the manuscript he’d been given; Penny relates that it contained information from Jane Chatwin about finding a way into Fillory. Quentin, Penny, Alice, and Eliot travel to the Plover estate to search for the button from the manuscript, and find that the mansion is haunted by the ghosts of Plover’s housekeeper’s children, who Plover’s sister had drugged and killed to prevent them from disturbing Plover’s work. Quentin discovers that Plover was molesting Martin Chatwin and that he disappeared, rather than dying. The four of them find the button. Meanwhile, Julia helps Richard by entering the mind of a paralysed woman.

110: Homecoming
directed by: Joshua Butler Air Date: March 21, 2016

Penny has been trapped in the Neitherlands, the space between other worlds. He contacts Quentin to discover that while it’s only been 6 hours for him, it’s been 6 weeks back on Earth. While Quentin and Alice travel to her parents’ house to get advice from a family friend, Penny meets a librarian who gives him information about Martin Chatwin’s life. Quentin and Alice have to solve relationship issues to be able to cast a beacon spell to help Penny find his way back to Earth. Eliot and Margo discover that an ex-boyfriend of hers has constructed a Golem in her image. Julia hosts other magicians that she knows through Richard, inlcuding Kady. Julia and Kady finish learning some spells, and then Richard explains their project to them: they are trying to summon a god to provide them with more magical power.

111: Remedial Battle Magic
directed by: Amanda Tapping Air Date: March 28, 2016

When probability magic shows them that the only chance they have of not being killed by the Beast is to travel to Fillory, Quentin, Alice, Margot, Eliot, and Penny work on learning battle magic to prepare for a showdown. The Beast is driving travellers insane and leading them to kill themselves, including Penny’s mentor, so Penny uses drugs to try and block out his voice, leading to an overdose. Professor Sunderland helps him shut the voices out. After a successful and then drunken night, Quentin sleeps with Margo and Eliot; Quentin wakes up to find Alice at the end of the bed. Kady and Julia search for clues to help them summon a god, and Julia is visited in her dreams.

112: Thirty-Nine Graves
directed by: Guy Norman Bee Air Date: April 4, 2016

Alice and Quentin fight following his infidelity, and she sleeps with Penny as revenge. Quentin, Alice, Penny, Eliot, and Margo travel to the Neitherlands, where they are ambushed and Quentin falls back to Earth. The others hide in the library, until Eliot gets them kicked out, after which they find Josh Hoberman, a member of the missing class from Brakebills, who leads the rest to the fountain that leads to Fillory. Meanwhile on Earth, Quentin talks to Dean Fogg, who reveals to him that Eliza was Jane Chatwin and that she had been using an enchanted watch given to her by Ember to create a time loop and attempt different ways of killing the Beast. After 39 failures in which Quentin had died, this time she changed the starting circumstances by making Julia be rejected from Brakebills so that she would learn magic by herself. Quentin finds Julia, tells her this, and they find a way into Fillory, where they are 70 years early.

113: Have You Brought Me Little Cakes
directed by: Scott Smith Air Date: April 11, 2016

Having travelled to Fillory, Julia and Quentin discover they’ve been followed by Martin Chatwin, who they promise to help. They commission a blade to help them kill the Beast, and meet the Watcherwoman, a future Jane Chatwin, who takes them to when they need to be. They rejoin the group, collect the knife, and Eliot marries a local girl as he has been named future High King. Quentin and Julia meet Ember, who gives them power and unlocks Julia’s memories, revealing that her friends had accidentally summoned Reynard the Fox, who killed her friends and raped Julia. Quentin and Julia rejoin the others, who had been rescuing Victoria and discover Christopher Plover, who reveals that the Beast is Martin Chatwin. Josh and Victoria escape, and the rest travel to the source of Fillory’s magic to ambush the Beast. However, Julia has taken the knife from Alice, and while the rest of them are injured, with Penny’s hands cut off, Julia holds a knife to the Beast’s throat. Julia makes a deal with the Beast to kill Reynard, and they leave, with Quentin the only one left standing.