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Mar 23, 2016
101: Everybody’s Been Burned
directed by: Jonas Pate Air Date: May 28, 2015

Sixteen-year-old Emma Karn sneaks out of her Beverly Hills house to attend a party with her pseudo-boyfriend Rick Zondervan. There, they are separated by a group of girls, as instructed by another party-goer, Charles Manson, who tells Emma alone that she can survive in the world without her boyfriend or father. The next day, Emma’s mother Grace calls her former boyfriend LAPD Hollywood division detective Sam Hodiak: Emma used to sneak out with Rick, who claims she then left with someone else. At Manson’s commune, he plays music for his followers, and Katie tells Emma that he wants to become more famous than The Beatles. At a diner on the Sunset Strip, undercover Detective Brian Shafe meets Mike Vickery. A drug deal is made, and Brian tells Mike that he is after the diner owner, Art Gladner. Outside the police are getting rough with a hippie group out past the 10 p.m. curfew. Brian intervenes and gets arrested. Back at the station, Sam recruits Brian to help find Emma. Rick gives them the first name of the guy Emma left with, Charlie. Brian enlists Detective Charmain Tully, who could pass as a young female hippie, to help him infiltrate the Manson Family, but they first need biker Roy Kovic to lead them to Charlie. Manson’s history is revealed: he had been working as pimp and one of his prostitutes (Caroline Beecher) disappeared; he then was in jail for drug possession on a reduced sentence and Emma’s father Ken was Charlie’s lawyer. Charlie demands Ken introduce him to an executive in the music business, attempts to rape him, and cuts him with a razor.

102: The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game
directed by: Jonas Pate Air Date: May 28, 2015

Sam questions Ken about his connection to Charlie, and Grace points him to Manson’s file. Ken admits to having been Charlie’s lawyer and that Emma is with Manson. Brian learns that Rick is telling everyone he is a cop; he asks for Sam’s help to shut him up. Before they can, they receive a call about a white woman, Joyce Nankin, being killed at her home in a now-black neighborhood in South Central. Their investigation focuses on Bunchy Carter, leader of the Nation of Islam, who accuses the police not having solved any of the 27 black murders in the neighborhood. Bunchy is arrested for interference, but it was really to dupe Joyce’s husband into confessing to her murder. Sam and Brian get Rick to confess he told Art that Brian was a cop. They offer Art a deal for reporting his partners but he refuses, and Sam writes the word “snitch” on Art’s forehead. To test Emma’s loyalty, Charlie asks her to shoplift. When she gets caught, Charlie murders the owner. Sam’s soldier son Walt shows up at his house, claiming a “new policy” as to why he is not fighting in the Vietnam War, while in reality Walt’s mother Opal had arranged a letter about a sick parent. Charlie demands a thousand dollars (and another thousand upon Emma’s release) from Ken for a music demo tape. When Ken visits Charlie to hand over the money, Charlie kisses Ken, asking him if he remembers what it was like to be free. Emma nearly interrupts them, and Ken is terrified of being caught.

103: Never Say Never to Always
directed by: Nelson McCormick Air Date: June 4, 2015

Later that night, Sam enters his ex-wife Opal’s house to find out about Walt and is caught by Sam’s former partner Ed who is now Opal’s lover (thereby cheating on his wife Jean). Opal reveals Sam’s past domestic abuse. Meanwhile at Manson’s commune, Ken had sex with Charlie, picking up their previous relationship. Ken is confused and afraid and is seen leaving in his car by a shocked Emma. The next day, Art is found stabbed inside his locked diner and Ed arrests Mike as suspect. Roy finally leads Brian and Charmain to the Manson Family commune ‘Spiral Staircase’ near Topanga where both are introduced to Charlie. Brian informs Sam about Emma’s location, but when Sam and Grace get there, Charlie and a group of girls including Emma (who he calls ‘Cherry’) had left to record his demo. Military police are looking for Walt. Later that night, Charlie, whom Roy had warned earlier about Sam’s search of the commune, takes Emma and Sadie to the recording engineer Rue Fisher’s house to barter him with “sharing” the girls; then Charlie calls to intimidate the Karns with a recording featuring Emma.

104: Home Is Where You’re Happy
directed by: Michael Zinberg Air Date: June 11, 2015

The same night, Grace reports Manson’s phone call to Sam, who returns to the commune, but Charlie had left Emma and Sadie at Rue’s house. In the morning, Sam follows Manson and observes him picking up the girls, but misses seeing that Charlie murders Rue. Sam is looking for Walt who is hiding at a friend’s place. To help Brian get Mike released, Sam investigates Art’s murder through his widow Lucille Gladner who runs the burlesque club, the Peach Pussycat. Eventually, Sam finds and arrests Art’s true murderer, a crooked deliveryman who had overheard the snitch discussion between Art and Sam (Ep. 2). Pressured by Ed to deliver results, Brian makes Mike visit Guapo, his alibi for the time of Art’s murder and an important member of the drug ring. Mike is supposed to get information about Guapo’s associates but Guapo already knows that the real murderer has been arrested. Brian’s home in a white neighborhood in the Valley, where he lives with his wife Kristin in a mixed-race marriage, becomes the target of racist vandalism. Ken gets drunk and has anonymous gay sex at a public restroom. He later comes to the commune upset, intending to kill Manson with a rifle, but Charlie talks him out of it and sends Ken away. Ken then tells Grace he saw Emma at the commune. Manson uses LSD to brainwash his girls. Grace and Sam pick up an intoxicated Emma to take her home.

105: A Change Is Gonna Come
directed by: Michael Zinberg Air Date: June 18, 2015

Sam and Grace resume their sexual relationship. Ed is promoted to acting Lieutenant. Sam investigates an arson-murder case at a hair salon in South Central, but is impeded by a group of Black Panther members led by Bunchy, who demand the investigation of an arrest-related strangling of a black teenager by a racist white cop. Manson unsuccessfully tries to threaten Ken’s partner Hal Banyin to get access to Emma. At a fundraiser for Richard Nixon with Ronald Reagan, Sam and Grace are caught kissing by Hal and Ken. Pretending to be a classmate, Susan Atkins comes to visit Emma at the Karns’ house, and they both disappear, despite Emma being guarded by a retired cop that Sam had hired. At the Peach Pussycat, Brian meets mobster Jimmy “Too” Butano Jr., whose father was Manson’s cellmate. Sam solves the arson-murder case, which turns out to be not racially motivated. Brian’s friend Robbie Arthur found out Walt has joined the anti-war movement. At night, Walt appears at Sam’s house, explaining he witnessed the war being fought in Cambodia with illegal means, and saying he is going to hand over proof to the press. Finding out that Atkins helped Emma run away, a drunk Sam beats up Charlie severely. Manson is only saved by Brian, who had brought Jimmy to the commune to conduct business with Charlie, and Brian further gains Manson’s trust.

106: A Whiter Shade of Pale
directed by: Michael Offer Air Date: June 25, 2015

The next morning, Grace demands Ken explain his previous business as Manson’s lawyer, and accuses him of having dragged Emma into it. Ken explains that Manson has incriminating information about him, Hal, and the RNC. She learns from Sam that in 1959, Ken represented Manson in the case of the missing prostitute Caroline Beecher; the case was dropped, but remains unsolved. Grace asks her mother if they can withdraw their investment from Ken’s law firm. After another attack on Brian and Kristin’s house, Sam promises to investigate while Brian is working undercover. He traces the vandalism back to their landlord, who has a scheme to lower the real estate value of white neighborhoods by introducing mixed-race tenants, then buying out the white neighbors cheap and reselling the houses to new non-white owners with a huge markup. Charmain investigates the case of a battered cheerleader, the girlfriend of a well-known and abusive USC football player. Robbie tells Sam that Walt has gone hiding from the MPs. Sam returns to drinking heavily, and sleeps with Opal. As Charlie slowly recovers from his beating, Jimmy and Brian pay a visit. Jimmy presents a pistol as a surprise gift, which causes a fight with Roy. After the misunderstanding is cleared, Charlie accepts the gun, then thanks Brian and Jimmy by giving them two girls to have sex with. Brian and Janet agree to just pretend.

107: Cease to Resist
directed by: Michael Waxman Air Date: July 2, 2015

Intending to go after Sam, Manson arrives at Opal’s house with his new gun. He is caught by Ed, introduces himself as ‘Jesus Christ’, and escapes after a fight. Ed finds Sam’s watch on the bedroom floor where he had lost it the previous night. The next morning, Sam is called to the robbery-murder of actor Raymond Novo whose body appears to have been crucified that night on the Paramount Pictures lot. It is discovered that Novo regularly brought men there to date, which was covered up by the studio. Reluctantly, Brian gathers information undercover at a gay bar, but eventually the investigation is closed down due to pressure from the studio to keep Novo’s homosexuality secret. Sadie and Emma drive to San Francisco to see ‘Mother’ Mary, who had taken care of Manson and his first followers during the Summer of Love after he was released from prison. They find that Mary is pregnant, and tell her Charlie’s orders to come to Los Angeles and bring her stock bonds. Manson is discussing an expensive weapons deal with Roy. Mary arrives and reveals she had cut ties with Charlie after being beaten by him (as seen in the prequel).

108: Sick City
directed by: Jon Amiel Air Date: July 9, 2015

Sam investigates about a pastor stealing donation money to gamble at poker games. Ken gets nominated as California campaign finance chair for Richard Nixon, which will cause the RNC to run background checks on Ken, his family, and the law firm. Hal has found out about Sam’s investigation on the Caroline Beecher case. Ken visits Emma at the commune and suggests to legally emancipate her so her behavior cannot be brought back to him as her father. Record producer Elliot Hillman visits the commune, but Charlie fails to make a good impression. Angry, he orders the girls to take a double dose of LSD, but Emma secretly disobeys and leaves. At the Peach Pussycat, Mike has caught Lucille’s eye and they engage in a sadomasochistic sexual relationship. Jimmy and Roy negotiate a deal with the ‘Satans’ biker club. With Lucille’s help, Roy kills Jimmy. Sam tries to find Louise Mitchell, the prostitute who had reported Caroline missing in 1959. He meets his old friend ‘Nurse’ Martha Kendall, a prostitute herself, who knew Louise (under a different name), until she had suddenly left town. Ken digs out Caroline’s remains in the desert.

109: Why?
directed by: Jonas Pate Air Date: July 18, 2015

Sam, Ed, and Brian decide against arresting Lucille and Roy for Jimmy’s murder in favor of Brian and Mike’s covert investigations against Guapo. Brian tries to stay in business with Lucille and Roy, but they are sceptical and tell him he needs Guapo’s approval. Ken reports to Charlie that all evidence has been taken care of. They sleep together and Ken asks Charlie to stay hidden because of the campaign. Emma is still gone. At a Big Boy coffee shop in Watts, two policemen are shot, witnessed by a shocked Charmain. Sam convinces Bunchy to cooperate in the investigations to prevent SWAT teams from moving into the black neighborhood. Later, two more policemen fall victim to the same white assassin. Sam and Brian locate Glenn Lesick, the owner of the car that was used by the assassin. Because there is not enough other evidence against Lesick, Sam asks Charmain to give false testimony to have him arrested.

110: It’s Alright Ma. (I’m Only Bleeding.)
directed by: John Dahl Air Date: July 25, 2015

Sam is tripping on LSD, almost interrupting a party for Ronald Reagan at Grace’s house. Emma returns to the commune with Rick. When Charlie finds out Rick’s father is rich, they steal his credit card. Charlie demands from Emma to pledge her loyalty, and Emma asks him about her father’s secret. Brian and Mike come to the commune to discuss a drug delivery with Roy and Guapo. To prevent Rick from blowing Brian’s cover again, he is sworn in as undercover deputy. Ed has been pressuring Brian to deliver results on the drug ring but Brian aborts the bust of the deal in the last minute. It turns out that the deal was just a setup to test Brian who has now earned Guapo and his cousin Juan’s trust. To appease protesters against the police because of an unsolved series of bus robberies on Chicano women in Echo Park, Los Angeles Times journalist Ruben Salazar wants to improve public opinion with an article on Cuban detective José Morán/Joe Moran. However, Moran objects as he had made everyone believe he was Irish. When his secret is revealed, Moran is kicked out by his white Catholic wife and mocked by his colleagues, causing an identity crisis. Sam talks him out of committing suicide. Manson takes Emma along on a burglary. On observation photos of antiwar activists around Robbie Arthur, Sam recognizes his father whom he has arrested and brought in to the station to question.

111: Your Mother Should Know
directed by: Roxann Dawson Air Date: August 1, 2015

At Sam’s house, his father, his son Walt, and Opal are discussing how to proceed to avoid a trial for treason. Sam suggests to return the classified orders, or to hand them to the press. He later asks Salazar who refuses to publish the intel anonymously. The FBI orders a closer surveillance of the Black Panthers. Bunchy asks Sam to investigate the murder of his brother and bodyguard Arthur. Sam finds an FBI informant had shot Arthur because he was discovered. Guapo is preparing a big delivery of heroin. Juan steals some of it to buy out his girlfriend from her pimp. To protect Juan, Brian pretends having killed the thief and returns the missing drugs. As Manson plans on having his son born at the commune, Emma, Sadie and Rick break into a house in Beverly Hills to steal baby supplies. After an argument with Emma, Sadie calls the police and leaves; Rick and Emma are arrested for burglary. Sam refuses to bail Emma out of custody to teach her a lesson. Brian learns that Chris Wagner whom he had met in the gay bar (Ep. 7) was murdered. Charmain has located Louise Mitchell in Riverside. Sam urges Charmain to work on her false testimony instead. Manson’s estranged mother Kathleen arrives at the commune to discuss an inheritance from Charlie’s grandfather. A bitter Manson refuses to reconcile with her, drugs her with LSD and has her raped by the bikers, in return for a cheaper price on the weapons deal.

112: (Please Let Me Love You and) It Won’t Be Wrong
directed by: Lukas Ettlin Air Date: August 8, 2015

Hillman returns to the commune to produce a documentary. They learn that Charlie’s followers see him as Jesus Christ. Charlie is suspicious about Sadie not having brought back Emma, and after she admits being jealous, he beats her but is caught on film, so Charlie throws the film crew out. In return for reduced charges on her marijuana possession, burlesque dancer Rachel offers her testimony against Roy whom she saw loading Jimmy’s body into a hearse. Brian concludes that the formaldehyde smell of Guapo’s bag comes from a funeral home. Rachel hides at Sam’s house and eventually returns to Lucille, with Sam pretending to be her boyfriend as alibi for the days she had missed work. Sam urges Charmain again to work on her false testimony. Brian is looking for a connection between the murders of Raymond Novo and Chris Wagner. They question judge Murray whose wife was murdered by a man Murray had picked up and brought home. Sam seeks legal help for his AWOL son from Ken, in return for dropping the investigation on Louise Mitchell. Conflicted about the deal, Sam gets drunk, leading to tensions with Brian. A sobbing Hal arrives at Ken’s house wearing a blood-stained shirt and saying, “It happened again.”

113: Old Ego Is a Too Much Thing
directed by: Jonas Pate Air Date: August 22, 2015

Hal explains to Ken that Manson has been providing him with girls for sadistic abuse, usually Sadie, but she was unavailable. Janet, the substitute, died from Hal’s abuse. Ken and Hal go ask Charlie for help. Charlie will keep Janet’s body as leverage against Hal. Flashbacks show how Charlie has called for Ken and Hal to dispose of Caroline’s body in 1959. When she turns out not to be dead yet, Ken has to kill her. Grace and Sam finally have Emma released and she returns to the commune. Mary goes into labor but the child is stillborn. Sadie steals an infant from a hospital, introducing him to the commune as Charlie’s son. Sam negotiates a deal for Walt with the DOD, but Walt chooses to go public through Salazar and gets arrested by MP. Brian locates the suspect in the homosexual robbery-murder series; the arrest starts a fight during which Sam kills the two brothers. To the commissioner, Sam says the shooting death of one brother was necessary to save himself and Brian, but admits that the death of the second brother was unnecessary. The commissioner wants to close the file and avoid a trial to protect the reputation of Novo and Murray, so instead of disciplining Sam, he decides to give him a medal of valor. However, during the medal ceremony, an internal affairs agent whispers to Sam that there was a witness. Ken drugs Hal, intending to fake his suicide, but Hal wakes up, they struggle over the gun and shots are fired. Charmain finds the funeral home used by the drug ring but is recognized there by Roy and goes missing.