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Jason-Ralph.com opened on the 19th of March in 2016. After purchasing the domain, I set it up on Stars.Bz; a paid fansite host to keep advertisements and toolbars off of the site. This site is non-profit, meaning I do not make any money off of this site. It has come a long way since day one. Currently holding 8,000+ images in our photo archive.

Webmaster: Female. 25 years old. Fan since 2015. Webmaster 8+ years. Favorite Film (that Jason has starred in): I’m Obsessed With You (But You’ve Got To Leave Me Alone). Favorite Television/Mini Series (that Jason has starred in): The Magicians, Aquarius.

Contact information: admin@jason-ralph.com
Social Networks: Twitter , Tumblr
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Disclaimer: This site is 100% unofficial and is in no way in contact with Jason Ralph or his management. Everything on this site is copyright to it’s original source, I hold no copyright over anything you see here.