April 5, 2016

I have included a song list from the episode below for those of you who enjoy the soundtrack of The Magicians.

  • Nickle Bolsas by Mr. Lil One & Shysti
    Julia and Kady arrival the bridge to meet with the Goddess’ servant with their three gifts for her in order to get an audience with Our Lady Underground.
  • Celebrate by Farmdale
    Julia, Kady, Richard and the other Hedgewitches celebrate; Kady assures Julia that everything will be fine then tries to explain how she feels after Our Lady’s servant helped her.
  • Gooey by Glass Animals
    (Gilligan Moss Remix) Julia watches the others party from her room when Richard comes in, he asks asks her if what Our Lady’s servant said to her is still bothering her.

If any of these are incorrect, please contact us at admin@jason-ralph.com to correct it. Thank you.

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