March 31, 2016

I have added the two missing episode captures from Aquarius as well as the captures from The Good Wife episode that Jason starred in, which now brings our Television Series section in the gallery up to date. The Good Wife project page has been edited as well to include a preview of the captures with the link to the gallery album as well as the product page for Brightest Star. As for the Film Section in the gallery, I have added Brightest Star captures in 1080p. Social Media, Jason tweeted the site a new profile picture. Which is now our default profile image on twitter, I have also added it to the Social Network Images album in our photo archive. I have also included the tweet below as well. Big thank you to Jason for tweeting us the image and for making it for us, we really appreciate it and the tweet! Remember the projects that have been added to the gallery can be purchased in itunes. I have linked that below for those of you who would like to watch/gif the episode.

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