March 29, 2016

I have included a song list from the episode below for those of you who enjoy the soundtrack of The Magicians.

  • Farmer In The Dell by The Magicians Cast
    The Beast whistles as he breaks through the door of the classroom; Quentin and Alice hide inside an alcove room under a desk; The Beast whistles as leaves the room after killing Quentin and Alice.
  • Blue Diamond Eyes by Carly Van Skaik
    The group discuss their odds of survival without battle magic; Margo and Eliot agree to help Quentin and Alice with learning battle magic; Eliot gives Alice a note from the admin office.
  • Diamond Rose by Mack West
    Penny goes to Stan’s trailer to talk to him about the Beast and the voices; Stan tells Penny that they won’t allow for the Beast to control him then shoot himself in the head.
  • Scratch Flower by The Delta Riggs
    Penny attempts to drown out the voices in his head with loud music and drugs.
  • Revolution 909 by Daft Punk
    Julia and Kady arrive at Bjorn’s apartment and find a party when Bjorn introduces himself.
  • Gravedigger by Cab 20
    Julia and Kady ask Bjorn for help in petitioning a god in-exchange for fresh blood from Julia.
  • 200 Words by Fol Chen
    Eliot & Quentin discuss the ‘Chatwin’s Torrent’ from the Fillory books as they drink wine in front of the house fireplace; Eliot drunkenly falls out of his chair as Margo arrive to the room.

If any of these are incorrect, please contact us at to correct it. Thank you.

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